In a nutshell :

Just go to the back-end :

and log in :

username : admin

password : admin


But if you want to learn more, much more, read on!


What it is :

Extensy Populator for Jomsocial (or just 'Populator') is a component that automatically creates fully functional Jomsocial entities, like Users, Groups and Events.

You just specify the creation parameters. Currently they are the number of entities you want to be created and, for the Events only, the type of the Event (user or group, one time or recurring).

You can find a detailed description of the component on our site.


How to use : 

To access the functionality of Populator you have to log in to the back-end. Use the following credentials :

username : admin

password : admin

After you have logged in, go to 'Components->Jomsocial Populator'.

Then you have three options. To create new users (profiles), new groups or new events. If you want to create groups, you have to have firstly at least one user created, because jomsocial groups are created by existing users and belong to them. Similarly, to create an event you need again at least one user or even and a group created, if it is a group event.


How to test :

After creating some users, groups or events, we encourage you to test them.

When the users, groups or events are created, you get a list of the new entities and their attributes. This list may be of interest to you, especially for users. You can keep the assigned passwords for some of the users, so that you can test their accounts later.

In the back-end, you can go to 'Components->Jomsocial' and check 'Monitor->Members', 'Groups->View Groups' or 'Events->View Events'.

All the user, group and event attributes, like names, emails, gender, profile types, etc are assigned by Populator for Jomsocial randomly, following some internal rules though. Generally you can expect a uniform distribution for the allowed values of each attribute. That means, for example, you can expect about half of the profiles to be males and half females, but not exactly.

In the front-end, you can select 'Jomsocial' from the menu at the upper right corner of the page. You will be presented with the Jomsocial stream and you can check any user profile, group or event. If you have kept some user's passwords, you can log in their accounts and do any actions a normal user can do. Like uploading photos, changing cover image or messaging other users.


Advanced testing :

While being in the back-end of Jomsocial, at the members list, if you click on a user's name you can see the details of his/her profile. It is interesting to check the 'Custom Fields' tab. For the purpose of testing we have preconfigured three profile types, and added to each one some custom fields, like select boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Populator can handle any number of profile types configured with any custom fields. By 'handling' we mean it can assign legitimate values to the fields so that the created entity is fully functional and useful for testing an showcasing. The assigned values though, won't necessarily be meaningful.

You can go to 'Jomsocial->Profiles' and create your own custom profiles and custom fields. Then go back to the Populator and create some more users. Check their profiles and see what happened!


Demo limitations :

First, keep in mind that the demo site data is reset every 30 minutes. That means whatever you have created will be gone after the reset. The reset may even happen while you are doing your testing.

Then, the demo Populator has two restrictions, so that we avoid abuse :

- You can't create more than three users, groups or events at one.

- You can create no users, groups or events if too many are already created, by yourself or even other testers, in the current demo timeframe. In this case you can do one of the following. Either wait for the next reset to take place, or go to Jomsocial Members, Groups or Events and delete a few of them.

So this demo site is to just get a taste of Populator. If you want to really and freely test it, grab your fully functional copy from our site. It's a free download!